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I am trying to use a Java application (which I do not have the source code for) to output the results of a call to a stored procedure into a text file.

This file works for other similar stored procedures in the system, but I can't seem to get it to produce anything for my new text file other than this exception:

ResultSet is from UPDATE: No Data

I've simplified the body of the stored procedure to a simple select 'Hello World!' and even that doesn't seem to be able to be written out.

Is there anything I can do within the stored procedure to produce results in a fashion that Java will accept?

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I encountered this java.sql.SQLException. In my case I was running a query in this way:

String query = 
    "-- a classical comment " +
    "select * " +
    "from MYTABLE ";
ResultSet rs = conMain.createStatement().executeQuery(query);
while( {
    //do something...
} throws the exception. The reason is that, due to the comments, query results to be:

"-- a classical comment select * from MYTABLE "

hence it's all commented... query is invalid! Many examples could be shown with this mistake (with the comment in the middle of the query etc.).

Solutions: add a \n at the end of each line of the query or use comments in the /*...*/ form.

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It was something similar, my query was valid, but returning no results. The exception text mentioning UPDATE is somewhat misleading, but the "no data" part is spot on :) – Poodlehat Dec 1 '11 at 20:12

I selected an older version of the driver an it worked for me. (

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