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I am using subversive (an eclipse plugin) to connect connect to an SVN repository. I have only been using it for several weeks but it has been great.

Whenever I create a new project everything works great (see the left side of the image), the project automatically hooks itself up to svn. When I open a workspace that I had before I installed subversive it does not use the plugin (see the right side of the image).

enter image description here

I have tried numerous things to try to enable the plugin:

  • I looked under all the options under window -> preferences (especially the team preferences
  • I looked under all of the properties under the project (right click the project -> select properties)
  • I deleted the workspace folder and created a new one (and re-imported my project)
  • I looked at the .project file and compared it to a projec that has the plugin enabled but could not see anything relevant there

How can I enable the plugin? The only way that I have found that works is to checkout the project in a fresh empty folder and then open it in eclipse. I am trying to avoid this since it will take an hour or so to redownload.

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Right-click on the project, choose Team - Share project... It should then detect the .svn directories already present and propose you to reuse the SVN information stored inside.

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Thanks! I say that multiple times but interpreted it as new rather than connect. Thanks for the help. –  sixtyfootersdude Sep 14 '11 at 18:16

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