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I have my site hosted through Heroku and my domain name registrar is godaddy. Going to mysite.com takes me to my heroku app seamlessly.

Now, I'm trying to setup blog.mysite.com to go to my tumblr site. However, how do I get that on godaddy? I don't want to add an A record to mysite.com after all ... I want to add it only to blog.mysite.com.

I'm not sure how to proceed here, because I can't find anything on godaddy's site and my google searches seem to be of no use because I think I'm asking something with too many popular words (I get tons of results for blogs, domains, godaddy, etc)

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Who runs the name server for your domain? From the way you've framed the question, I assume its godaddy. So you'll need to do three things:

  1. Create a A record for blog.mysite.com in your nameserver config. The idea of this is to tell people to go to your hosting provider for blog.mysite.com content.
  2. Ask your hosting provider to set up hosting for blog.mysite.com. (The web-server needs to be configured to serve content from a directory for this FQDN). Your hosting providers web interface may have an option to create this.
  3. Put up your blog content in the right directory.
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awesome thanks a lot! –  Ringo Blancke Sep 20 '11 at 16:41

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