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I've created a background drawable for my EditText, but the text showed up IN the image border. I fixed this by setting 'scrollX to -12dip, and this seemed to word in Eclipse, in the graphical layout viewer (pic 1). However on the device it still shows up through the image. I've referenced to my background drawable through a xml file if that matters.

In Eclipse and a screenshot

yes, i know the second pic is different, but that's just because i focussed on the view, the problem stays even if I unfocus. :'(


I now completely remade the image(s), and used draw9patch. The text offset was fixed, however since I used a vertical gradient in my image, I selected all the pixels (minus the actual border) to prevent having one part gradient -> stretched solid color part -> gradient. Now the height of the background drawable always remains very big.

How is this usually done, if there's a gradient in the image? Probably if you create the image small to begin with, you won't get a very smooth gradient.
How do I fix my problem, and how should it be done?

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If you use the android:paddingLeft="" attribute in your EditText, it will move the TextView inside it over a specified number of pixels.


android:paddingLeft="30dp" will move your text to the right 30 density-independent pixels.

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How have you actually created the background image? If it's the full image then that's not the best way to do this.

You should be creating a 9-patch image to use as the background;

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He should do that as a general rule, but that's not the reason he's getting the shifted text. I think it's because his image on the left side is longer than the default EditText image, so the border is farther right. If he pads to adjust, it should fix it. – DeeV Sep 14 '11 at 18:45
edited my question. – usealbarazer Sep 15 '11 at 15:36
Better to accept this answer if it's the right one and then ask a new question. Shouldn't edit an existing question to ask a new question. – C0deAttack Sep 15 '11 at 15:43

If you use editText.setPadding(), it may give you the spacing you need for the text to shift over. It might also apply padding to the background resource as well though. But try it out

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Just a suggestion, not a solution...

You can use RelativeLayout, and in XML, use some attributes like alignParentBotton or alignParentLeft something like that instead of absolute position coordinators. If you use the absolute coordinators, sometimes, your ui seems different on different devices.

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I'm already using a relative layout. I just need the text inside the edittext box to be slightly to the right. – usealbarazer Sep 14 '11 at 18:40

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