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I am working on .NET Solution that has multiple projects inside. One of the projects is ASP.NET Web Application that I am currently working on. Very seldom I have to build the whole project. Mostly I just want to build my web application and test it in the browser.

What would be the fastest way to do this?

I am sort of tired of navigating my Solution Explorer, finding my web project, right click then build.

I would like to be able to issue command (in command window or command prompt) and to assigne shortcut to this command. Can this be done?


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[F5], [F6], msbuild? –  Nico Sep 14 '11 at 19:00
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2 Answers

Right click on the solution and configure Batch Build... or as @Nico suggests, use msbuild directly.

See Batch Build Dialog Box

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You can use the command msbuild /m <your project> which build your thread with more worker threads to finish your build. It will also run it with multiple process, which should improve execution speed as well.

See Also: MSBuild Command Line Reference (MSDN)

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