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I would like to develop a web based application which gives user a desktop like experience. I have seen a couple of applications use dot net + flex to give this experience.

My question is : is there a php + javascript + html5 + css3 equivalent of this ? Any pointer would be helpful.

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You could also look at SproutCore. The backend can be any language you want.

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this one is the closest to a desktop / flex like environment. Other one is Cappucino(cappuccino.org) –  shikhar Sep 20 '11 at 9:06

Try Agile Toolkit, it takes care of User Interface for you and it's a PHP library.

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You can try the Ext framework. Check out some examples here. Be sure to see the "Desktop" sample.

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any other framework with more flexible license like MIT or BSD. I have know ext for ages but always scared to use it because of the GPL licence. –  shikhar Sep 14 '11 at 20:04

If you have experience with flex you can always use flex and connect to php on the backend. Using AMFPHP you can store and access any of your data objects easily.

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