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Does anyone know of a DOM inspector javascript library or plugin?

I want to use this code inside a website I am creating, I searched a lot but didn't find what I wanted except this one:

UPDATE: Seems that no one understood my question :( I want to find an example or plug-in which let me implement DOM inspector. I don't want a tool to inspect DOMs with; I want to write my own.

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Aardvark is a firefox extension officially but you can use that as a javascript library, too. The inline demo in the said website is implemented using javascript. digg into the code & you'll find loader.js which is bootstrapping the Aardvark modules.

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And this one is also very nice, but its over my needs and a lot of code. – Amr Elgarhy Jun 17 '09 at 15:48

I am also looking for the same thing, and in addition to i found: ( )

Also came across this

Unfortunately I haven't found anything based on jQuery. But "Javascript DOM Inspector" seems to be the right keywords to look for this kind of thing.

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The Simple Javascript Dom Inspector looks promising. – Vimalraj Selvam Mar 3 at 13:49
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I found this one:

And this one also is fine:

DOM Mouse-Over Element Selection and Isolation

Which is very simple with few lines of code and give me something good to edit a little and get exactly what i wanted.

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Thanks for sharing what you found, this is exactly what I needed. The second link definitely was a better fit for my needs, but both are handy for research purposes. – Cory W. Nov 26 '12 at 16:50

How about Firebug Lite - it's like Firebug but you insert it into your page and so you can debug your html, css, Javascript and the DOM on most browsers (including non-FF ones)

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Firebug is a good solution for Firefox. You can browse a page's HTML, JavaScript, DOM, network activity, etc. Safari also has fairly good tools built-in (I'm using the Safari 4 beta at present), though I find it's easier to navigate around Firebug.

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Very recently, I needed to develop an application using JavaScript : when any user click on an image of this site, it will send image URL to a specific location. Here is the article that helped me achieve that : AspBoss - Javascript Library for Dom Inspector

And this is the code :

// DOM Inspector
// version 0.1
// 2006-01-25
// Copyright (c) 2006, Onur Mat
// --------------------------------------------------------------------
// This user script allows you to interact with elements of a web page
// by moving mouse pointer on a web page and clicking on selected elements.
// To install for Firefox, you need Greasemonkey:
// Then restart Firefox and revisit this script.
// Under Tools, there will be a new menu item to "Install User Script".
// Accept the default configuration and install.
// To install for Internet Explorer, you need Turnabout:
// See instructions for using Turnabout here:
// --------------------------------------------------------------------
// ==UserScript==
// @name          DOM Inspector
// @namespace
// @description   Inspect DHTML DOM elements interactively
// @include       *
// ==/UserScript==

function DIOnMouseOver(evt)
    element =;   // not IE

    // set the border around the element = '2px'; = 'solid'; = '#f00';

function DIOnMouseOut(evt)
{ = 'none';

function DIOnClick(evt)
    var selection =;

    alert('Element is: ' + + '\n\nSelection is:\n\n' + selection);
    return false;

document.addEventListener("mouseover", DIOnMouseOver, true);
document.addEventListener("mouseout", DIOnMouseOut, true);
document.addEventListener("click", DIOnClick, true);
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Yes, there are plenty. For example, Firefox has DOM Inspector, Firebug, and X-Ray. I think Firebug is the best of the three, personally.

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Developer Tools on IE8

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still using IE? – Yannis Dran Jan 17 '13 at 0:23

Try Backbase Debugger Application. It also has an I/O inspector.

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I used to use Firebug, and Firefox all the time, now thanks to IE8, which has really cool tool called Developer tools --- that allows to see all the Javascript, CSS and also allows to really cool debugging feature. MICROSOFT is getting there !

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A coworker recommended me this one: Web X-Ray Goggles

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I think this has been acquired by Mozilla – lkraav Jul 13 '14 at 20:44

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