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I am posting pictures from a facebook application to a facebook fan page album using the graph API like so:

 protected void PublishToPublicGallery(string accessToken, string filename, long albumId, string imagename)

    var facebookClient = new FacebookClient(accessToken);
    var mediaObject = new FacebookMediaObject
        FileName = filename,
        ContentType = "image/jpeg"
    var fileBytes = System.IO.File.ReadAllBytes(filename);

    IDictionary<string, object> upload = new Dictionary<string, object>();
    upload.Add("name", imagename);
    upload.Add("source", mediaObject);
    var result = facebookClient.Post("/" + albumId + "/photos", upload) as JsonObject;    

the problem is that it is only posting the image into the wall photos at the top of the wall tab, and this is apparently an album called {fanpagename} photos. I have previously created an album and am using this album's id to post the image to.

Can anyone help?

Many thanks.

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You need to find the "Wall photos" Object_ID (not aid) from the page Albums, and use that ID to post your picture.

fb.Post("/" + Album_Object_ID + "/photos", parameters);

here's the complete function you need to find the "wall photos" ObjectID and post to the album : from my blog

hope this helps.

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You should use "object_id" of the album and not albumid ("aid"), they are different. As far as I understand you're uploading using graph API, so you need to use object_id, object_id you can get having albumid from the album using graph API or FQL.

Also make sure you use albumid as string and not long.

hope this helps

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