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so i have a game server every player has a timer so like:

this.player.Timer = from tick in TimerPublisher where tick % 1 == 0 select tick;

and i have some subscribed methods like:

this.player.Timer.Subscribe( tick => IncreseStamina() );
this.player.Timer.Subscribe( tick => IncresePower() );

so what i want to do is instead of setting

IDisposable dis = //the subscribed method;

so i can say

dis.Dispose(); //so it Dispose that method 

i want away to Dispose all my subscribed methods at once can i do that?

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What type of object is Timer? it is an enumerable property / collection of some sort? – Bernie White Sep 14 '11 at 22:36

Try this:

IDisposable dis = new CompositeDisposable(new []
    this.player.Timer.Subscribe(tick => IncreseStamina()),
    this.player.Timer.Subscribe(tick => IncresePower()),

Then you can write:


Easy, huh?

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