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I need help on making a digital delivery system for my website.

  • Buyer clicks a paypal buy now button
  • Buyer completes paypal transaction
  • Buyer is redirected to a page on my website, and an email is sent to their paypal email address from me.

How should I go about doing this any info would be very helpful.

Thank you

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You are looking for PayPal's Instant Payment Notification.

Instant Payment Notification consists of three parts:

  1. Someone pays you.
  2. PayPal POSTs FORM variables to a URL you specify that runs a program to process the variables.
  3. You validate the notification.

The above is quoted from PayPal's HTML Form Basics for Website Payments Standard. Obviously, step 3 is where you will send an email to your customer.

To learn more about IPN, here is an in-depth explanation of PayPal's IPN Guide.
To learn more about the Buy Now buttons, check out Single-Item Payments - Buy Now Buttons.

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See also paypal.com/ipn –  Robert Sep 15 '11 at 18:22

Hint: use this in your afterPaypalNotification callback in your AppController.php

function afterPaypalNotification($txnId)
ClassRegistry::init('PaypalIpn.InstantPaymentNotification')->email(array('id' => $txnId,
    'subject' => 'Thanks!',
    'message' => 'Thank you for the transaction!'
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