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I'm developing an ipad app and I need to save some data in OData SQL Azure, I know how to get data sending requests with querys but I don't know how to send a post request to insert to OData, I don't know how to create the xml to send along with the request

I've been looking for information in OData.org but I don't quite get it.

Could anyone tell me how I should accomplish this?

Thanks!!! XD.

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Did you look into the OData Client for Objective-C?

You should be able create your entities locally on the client in an ObjectContext, then call saveChanges.

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Yes I'd already downloaded it but I was trying to use any other simple way to send the request, to retrieve data from odata I only have to send a simple request with a query within it, I was expecting I could find a similar way to insert data, guess there's no such way. Now could you help me understand how I create the proxy classes? It says in the docs that there's a command line tool to generate them but I don't know how. Sorry I don't get this well and thanks a lot for your time. XD –  Rafael Jimeno Sep 15 '11 at 17:37
@RafaelJimeno Have you tried RestKit for OData? –  Ruslan Sharifullin Nov 7 '12 at 11:48

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