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I have two screens, one is empty and the other is Emacs' manual. My cursor is at the empty screen.

All my commands affect the empty screen.

A similar command in Vim is C-w.

How can you switch to the Emacs' manual such that I can roll down the screen by C-v?

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Like zaczap said use "C-x o" (control "x" then "o") for moving between "frames" in a single window, or "C-x 5 o" to move between different windows.

By "window" I mean a window manager object with a title bar and decorations and all that, while "frame" means a part of a whole window set off to contain a single buffer.

Other important commnds:

  • "C-x 2" to make a new frame in this window or "C-x 5 2" to make a new window
  • "C-x 0" to close the current frame or "C-x 5 0" to close the current window
  • "C-x 1" to make the current frame expand to use the entire window.
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Control-x + o (C-x + o), google emacs cheat sheet for help

  1. hold Control
  2. press X
  3. release Control and X
  4. press O
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You can also scroll the other screen (“window” in Emacs terms) without leaving the screen you're currently in:

Meta (Alt) + PageUp/PageDown

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