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Today I needed to add two Android projects to our Subversion repository but I had a problem. The directory in the repository already contained a lot of projects and I didn't want to checkout all of them. Is it possible add two directories to that directory without checking out everything?

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You can simply import the new stuff right into the repository without any working copy:

svn import INSTALL.txt $SVN_REPO/trunk/proj1/INSTALL.txt

Works with directories (aka. "projects") also.

svn import proj2 $SVN_REPO/trunk/proj2

After importing you must checkout the stuff in order to continue your work:

rm -rf proj2/*
svn co $SVN_REPO/trunk/proj2 proj2
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You can checkout a directory without getting any of its content thus:

svn co --depth empty SVN_URL

You can then move your projects into your working copy, then svn add, and svn ci.

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No, but it's possible to check out only the topmost children of a given directory:

svn co --depth immediates REPOSITORY_URL

You can then work your way down the tree, checking out another layer at a time

svn update --set-depth immediates

Or, you can check out an entire tree from one subdirectory

svn update --set-depth infinity
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