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I'm using a script I found online to add input prompts on an html form. I got it all working, but now the code is randomly generated a style tag that's throwing off my css. The code is supposed to produce span tags that look like this:

<span id="input-prompt-0" class="input-prompt">Company Name</span>

For every text input field. Instead it keeps giving me this:

<span id="input-prompt-0" class="input-prompt" style="display: block;">Company Name</span>

Any ideas why?

Here's the code:

    $(this).addClass('input-prompt-' + i);
    var promptSpan = $('<span class="input-prompt"/>');
    $(promptSpan).attr('id', 'input-prompt-' + i);
      $('.' + $(this).attr('id')).focus();
    if($(this).val() != ''){
      $('#input-prompt-' + i).hide();
      if($(this).val() == ''){
        $('#input-prompt-' + i).show();
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The line $('#input-prompt-' + i).show(); is modifying the style. From the docs on jQuery.show:

The matched elements will be revealed immediately, with no animation. This is roughly equivalent to calling .css('display', 'block'), except that the display property is restored to whatever it was initially.

I guess the more prominent question is why this is "throwing off [your] css"?

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This line of code adds the style attribute:

$('#input-prompt-' + i).show();

You can instead use:

$('#input-prompt-' + i).css("display", "");

That will show the span and eliminate the style attribute.

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The problem is most likely related to you using .show() and .hide().

These functions alter the style of the element to do their magic.

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JQuery show() and hide() functions modified the styles

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