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In Spring batch, I have configured an ExponentialBackOffPolicy for my retry template like this:

<bean id="exponentialBackOffPolicy" 
    p:initialInterval="500" p:maxInterval="30000" p:multiplier="2" />

and used it for DeadLockLoserDataAccessException. Then I intentionally throw a DeadLockLoserDataAccessException in the main part of my item processor code and observe the behaviour. However, the retry never backoffs exponentially. I trace through the RetryTemplate class (in particular lines 197 - 256 in 2.1.7 release), and the backOffPolicy and its context seem stateless in runtime:

protected <T> T doExecute(RetryCallback<T> retryCallback, RecoveryCallback<T> recoveryCallback, RetryState state)
        throws Exception, ExhaustedRetryException {

    RetryPolicy retryPolicy = this.retryPolicy;
    BackOffPolicy backOffPolicy = this.backOffPolicy;
    // Start the backoff context...
    BackOffContext backOffContext = backOffPolicy.start(context);

That is, the backOffPolicy is never updated and the backOffContext is never saved after the call to backoff, hence the interval stays the same value.

Could someone please offer any advice?

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How do you wire your backOffPolicy with batch step? Have you checked BATCH-1441? –  dma_k Apr 30 '12 at 17:20
Looks to be relevant to How to set time interval between each call in a Chunk tasklet. –  dma_k Apr 30 '12 at 17:20

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