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So I'm making a Facebook App where people can make "stories" or "Scenerios" to put their friends in, and they are usually involving multiple friends. I was going to make it post as one status update but tag the friends in the update, but I realized that feature wasn't around. I want to somehow make it to where all the friends that where involved in that story can see the post. Would it be okay to post that update on all of the friend's walls at the same time as long as you get the user's permission and its only like 5 friends?

I really like to share the story with the friends involved, but i dont know how to do it without potentially violating the policy.

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It is not a violation if you ask user additionally about this action.

If a user grants you a publishing permission, you must still obtain consent from the user before taking any action on the user's behalf, such as publishing content or creating an event.

See IV.3 at http://developers.facebook.com/policy/

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