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I want to ba able to disable all ui classes and html formatting on every page and still be able to use transitions, load pages via ajax, etc...

I looked through the Jquery Mobile documentation and $.mobile js object but could not seem to find anything.

If anyone knows would be really helpful :)

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Download builder: In the works

Now that we’ve decoupled most of the UI widgets, we’ve set the stage for there to be a download builder. This will let you build a custom version of jQuery Mobile to only include the parts you need. For example, you could just use the core files to add Ajax-based navigation with pushState and leverage some of the touch events and other utilities with a very lightweight build (roughly 11k). Or, you could add in specific UI widgets like form elements, listviews, etc. to create an optimized build. We’re aiming to have a download builder tool as part of 1.0.


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Hey thanks Phill, any idea when this will happen?? –  seogrady Sep 18 '11 at 0:27
I think when 1.0 is officially released, you can also follow development on the blog as well: jquerymobile.com/blog –  Phill Pafford Sep 19 '11 at 13:16

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