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I have an HTML form to insert ($_POST) a new record to mySQL.

I have a field that always needs the value "FC". Do I make this happen in myPHPadmin or do I insert "FC" at the time when I insert the record via HTML form?

Not sure how to approach this.


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Just perform this query:

ALTER TABLE `tablename` ALTER `fieldname` SET DEFAULT 'FC';

Supposing that you have tablename table and fieldname

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Thank you.. This works, but I decided to add a hidden field with a value. Many thanks. –  Erik Sep 15 '11 at 3:49

MySQL has the option to specify a default value for columns. Edit the column and set default to As defined: and put 'FC' in the field.

For consistency you might also want to insert 'FC' in the form since the default value will not be used if something else is provided.

Or if you really want to limit the value only to 'FC' then why not hardcode it into your query?

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