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For work reason, I need to uninstall and reinstall several apps in Android device. To do it quickly, it's easy for me to write a script to do this so that I don't need to type it again and again. Here is my script:

#adb uninstall

for i in `adb shell pm list packages|grep company|awk -F':' '{ print $2 }'`; do
    echo adb uninstall "$i"
    adb uninstall "$i"

The odd thing is `adb' always prints "Failure" while 'echo' prints the right command. The second line will work fine if uncomment it.

Anyone can help to figure out what the problem is?

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Let me answer it by myself now. There is '\r' in package name. So using tr -d "\r" to delete this char will work. – Eric Zhao Sep 26 '11 at 5:43

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'Failed' ... i used dos2unix to get around this same issue, but like tr -d "\r" better. Not every adb shell command appends the MSDOS CRLF, but only some some of the time.

adb uninstall is failed

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