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I need to store data on a website using android and retrive data from this site to use this data in my project. How is possible Or is it possible????

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First you need a server in which you can create physical database and store and make web-services.if you dont aware with parser then give you some link


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You can either create your own website and implement a service for storing your data, or you can use an existing web service. For example, Amazon Web Services (AWS) gives you several options, e.g.:

  • Amazon S3 is good for storing arbitrary data objects
  • Amazon SimpleDb is a simple non-relational database

Amazon has the Android SDK for interfacing with all those services.

You can learn more about AWS at the AWS website.

There are web services by other companies as well, e.g. : Microsoft Azure

These services cost money if you use them intensively, but for a small amount of data you usually don't have to pay anything.

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I have a website..How can i store retrieve data in this site." I am new user in android" –  shopno nill Sep 15 '11 at 14:50
A simple answer: create a request handler that would look at the parameters of the request and send the appropriate data in the response. In your Android app, implement a custom HTTP client that would form correct requests and parses the response. If you need help on a specific technology, please ask (in a new question). It's hard to be more specific without knowing what kind of webserver do you use. –  BlackRider Sep 15 '11 at 15:56

With C2DM you can notify devices that new data is available.

For storing the data you can use :

  • AWS - Amazon web services
  • or if you have your own SQL server setup a http webservice or WCF webservice.
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If you that website provides its android api then it well and good to use that api for the work that you wnat to do.

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For this you have to use web services call. There are 2 Parts

Server Part

1->create a web service for store data 2->Create a web service for fetch data in xml or json format

Android part

1->send data with the help of web service 2->retrieve data with the help of web service

There is some usefull liks http://www.ibm.com/developerworks/opensource/library/x-dataAndroid/index.html

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