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My Ajax block looks like so:

      $.getJSON('/User/ViewMessages',function(result) {
            // TODO: update the DOM with the items

My Action in my Controller looks like such:

        public ActionResult ViewMessages()
        var recipient = Convert.ToInt32(HttpContext.Session["User_Id"]);
        var query = (from m in context.Messages
                     from rec in context.Recipients
                     where rec.RECIPIENT == recipient
                     where rec.MESSAGEID == m.MESSAGEID
                     select new 
        return Json(query.ToList());

When Debugging, my query variable returns: { MESSAGETEXT = "seresr", DATESENT = {9/15/2011 11:06:45 AM} }

The thing is, my table is added with "undefined" for both my values. Where have i gone wrong? I have already added the maproute as well, but I'm still out of luck.

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It looks like you're returning a list, which will be represented in JSON as an array. So your result object is a JavaScript array rather than a single object. To loop through all the items and add a table row for each, try something like this:

$.getJSON('/User/ViewMessages', function(result) {
    for (var i in result) {
        var row = result[i];
        $("table#tblMessages").append("<tr><td>" + row.MESSAGETEXT
            + "</td><td>" + row.DATESENT + "</td>");
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/facepalm moment, thank you. – Hriskesh Ashokan Sep 15 '11 at 5:22

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