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I have wcf service DLL , say WCFA. I have another wcf service dll , say WCFB which hosts wcfA.

Then, I have hosted WCFB using another consoleApp.

When I am tring to connect to WCFB using a client ( inbuilt wcfclienttest client or my own test client ) , am getting wierd errors like

  1. Error 404
  2. FaultedException
  3. Security exception etc....

So, am wodering if this scenario is ever possible using wcf?

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Show some code snippets what you mean by hosting etc. Your question is totally unclear. Also show full exception message if you get any. – Ladislav Mrnka Sep 15 '11 at 7:44

Yes it is certainly possible. Under the surface of the communication and serialization layer, a WCF application is just like any other application, and so therefore can call other WCF services if connectivity and other configuration permits.

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