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My configuration:

Server-class machine cluster (4 machines), each with RHEL, 8GB RAM, quad core processors. I setup machine 'B1' to be the master, rest of 'em as slaves (B2,B3,B4). Kicked off, name node came up on 53410 on B1. Rest of the nodes are not able to connect to B1 on 53410!

Here's what I did so far:

  1. Tried "telnet B1 53410" from B2, B3, B4 - Connection refused.
  2. Tried ssh to B1 from B2,B3,B4 and viceversa - no problem, works fine.
  3. Changed 53410 to 55410, restarted dfs, same issue - connection refused on this port too.
  4. Disabled firewall (iptables stop) on B1 - tried connecting from B2,B3,B4 - fails on telnet.
  5. Disabled firewall on all nodes, tried again, fails again to connect to 53410.
  6. Checked ftp was working from B2,B3,B4 to B1, stopped ftp service (service vsftpd stop), tried bringing up dfs on standard ftp port (21), namenode comes up, rest of the nodes are failing again. Can't even telnet to the ftp port from B2,B3,B4.
  7. "telnet localhost 53410" works fine on B1.

All nodes are reachable from one another and all /etc/hosts are setup with correct mapping for ip addresses. So, I am pretty much clueless at this point. Why on earth would the namenode reject connections - is there a setting in hadoop conf, that I should be aware of to allow external clients connect remotely on the namenode port?

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could you post the error message? – Praveen Sripati Sep 15 '11 at 8:11

Previous answers were not clear to me. Basically each hadoop servers (node or namenode) will create a server and listen on the IP associated with its lookup name.

Let say you have 3 box (box1, box2, box3), the /etc/hosts file should look like this: localhost box1 box2 box3

Instead of : localhost box1 box2 box3
//(this is incorrect, box one will be listening exclusively on
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I had exactly this problem. I could telnet to the port on the master node, but not from the slave node. I knew it wasn't a firewall issue. Then I finally found this post and my troubles were over. – dnuttle Jul 19 '13 at 15:18
Note that the symptom of this problem was : File could only be replicated on to 0 nodes instead of 1 . Adding the log message the post [… does not have failing to contact namenode as a possible cause of this error. – vpathak Oct 22 '13 at 15:56
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fixed this.. it was an incorrect entry in my /etc/hosts. All nodes were connecting on loopback to master.

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was your host set to by chance? Seems to be a common hadoop config issue. – cftarnas Sep 15 '11 at 21:07
yes, it was set to accidentally. – Jay Sep 16 '11 at 12:16

Try changing in conf/core-site.xml


from localhost to your machine name?

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Set the DataNode with the right file permission:

chmod 755 /home/svenkata/hadoop/datanode/
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