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The following code works only on mac, but not on windows7.

perl -e "print @ARGV" aaa^bbb

On Mac (perl 5.10, darwin) it prints out as expected: aaa^bbb

On Windows 7,32bit (ActivePerl 5.12) it prints out: aaabbb

The "^" character is thrown out of @ARGV. This character is part of a filename that I'm using the script with, so I need to be able to read it from @ARGV.

I tried using "aaa\^bbb" but it just prints out "aaa\bbb".

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It doesn't work on Strawberry Perl, either. However, you can get around this by passing the argument into quotes:

perl -e "print @ARGV" "aaa^bbb"

Using Strawberry Perl on Windows 7, the output is

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This works as well in Active Perl. –  Nir Sep 15 '11 at 7:23

It's not ActivePerl that's discarding the ^ character, it's the Windows command prompt:

C:\>echo aaa^bbb

You need to quote the argument:

C:\>perl -e "print @ARGV" "aaa^bbb"

Or you can escape it with a second caret:

C:\>perl -e "print @ARGV" aaa^^bbb

The caret ^ is an escape character, similar to \ in Unix shells.

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