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Is there something that is kind of a cross between graphmod and haddock? I want a diagram like graphmod showing dependencies/relationships, but I want to include additional documentation in the diagram.

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Not an existing one. Here are the list of available Haskell visualisation utilities (at least those on Hackage):

  • graphmod which you've already found: visualise module dependencies.

  • prof2dot visualise profiling reports

  • hs2dot visualise Haskell code

  • vacuum (and related packages) visualises the data structures at run-time

  • SourceGraph (disclaimer: this is mine) aims to provide different forms of visualisation of the call graphs and perform some analyses; haven't had much time to work on this lately though.

  • graphtype is for comparing data types

It may be possible to use doxygen to generate documentation with visualisation, but a quick Google didn't reveal any work on providing support for Haskell in doxygen (and it would require different markup than what Haddock uses).

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