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I have a page with a form on it. I would like to make all the checkboxes and radio buttons on the page read-only (non-editable) without making them have the "disabled" appearance. I just want to prevent the user from easily changing the value of the checkbox. How can this be done?

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This is probably the cleanest way to do it:

var deactivator = function(event){ event.preventDefault(); };

$(':radio, :checkbox').click(deactivator);

And to re-enable them:

$(':radio, :checkbox').unbind('click',deactivator);
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You can use preventDefault in the click event handler for all checkboxes and radio buttons:

$(":checkbox, :radio").click(function(e) {

Here's a working example.

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If you requirement is only to enable or disable the ability to interact with a specific check box, while not preventing posting of the element another solution is :

if (interaction === true){
} else {
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