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For a site where users can edit anything, what's the best markup to use for writing short stories? markitup is a good candidate editor for this and supports the following markups:

  • Html
  • BBcode
  • Textile
  • Markdown
  • Wiki syntax
  • Dotclear

This seems like a good list of the popular markups out there. Which to choose? Here are my thoughts:

  • Html is the front-runner due to its ubiquitousness and, therefore, longevity.
  • Markdown is a popular and attractive alternative to Html for simpler rich text writing like my needs.. maybe attractive because I'm used to it with SO?
  • WYSIWYG editors like ckeditor often only work with Html.
  • Because of the wiki nature, I want to show nice diff's. I imagine Markdown code looks a lot nicer diff'd than Html code. Alternatively, there are more likely existing libraries I could take advantage of to diff rendered Html.
  • Links to pages within the site are special. Images should have their current description upon hovering and current caption, profiles should have as link text the current name, etc.
  • I love that Markdown has limited functionality which is pretty much what a short story needs.
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I'm publishing short stories on a Dotclear blog. Speaking of experience, I think that Dotclear markup is great but not adapted for one huge reason: it ignores "enter", you have to write "%%%" to force a new line, which is especially painful in dialog.

When writing, you want to think on the writing itself, not the markup. Most of stories don't use any markup at all. A few italic from time to time, a title, that's all.

My advice would be: take an existing story, convert it to the markup and take the one with less stuffs in the body of the text.

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I don't understand your advice, would you mind clarifying? maybe with an example? The stories I want users to add include photos and very basic markup like italics, bold, links, maybe sub/superscript, etc. –  at. Jan 3 '12 at 23:21
Oh, I was mistaken. I thought you were talking about "short stories" ( en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Short_story ). In your case, I guess it heavily depends on your users and what they are comfortable with. Dotclear is a very good markup for such usecase (I found it to be one of the easiest) but, unfortunately, it is not very popular, your users might already know some others. –  ploum Jan 4 '12 at 10:24

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