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I didn't expect it but the following test fails on the cloned value check:

test("clone should retain values of select", function() {
    var select = $("<select>").append($("<option>")
    equals($(select).find("option:selected").val(), "2", "expect 2");
    var clone = $(select).clone();
    equals($(clone).find("option:selected").val(), "2", "expect 2");

Is this right?

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After further research I found this ticket in the JQuery bug tracker system which explains the bug and provides a work around. Apparently, it is too expensive to clone the select values so they won't fix it.


My use of the clone method was in a generic method where anything might be cloned so I'm not sure when or if there will be a select to set the value on. So I added the following:

	var selects = $(cloneSourceId).find("select");
	$(selects).each(function(i) {
		var select = this;
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Made a plugin out of chief7's answer:

(function($,undefined) {
    $.fn.cloneSelects = function(withDataAndEvents, deepWithDataAndEvents) {
        var $clone = this.clone(withDataAndEvents, deepWithDataAndEvents);
        var $origSelects = $('select', this);
        var $clonedSelects = $('select', $clone);
        $origSelects.each(function(i) {
        return $clone;

Only tested it briefly, but it seems to work.

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Here's a fixed version of the clone method for jQuery:


// Textarea and select clone() bug workaround | Spencer Tipping
// Licensed under the terms of the MIT source code license

// Motivation.
// jQuery's clone() method works in most cases, but it fails to copy the value of textareas and select elements. This patch replaces jQuery's clone() method with a wrapper that fills in the
// values after the fact.

// An interesting error case submitted by Piotr Przybył: If two <select> options had the same value, the clone() method would select the wrong one in the cloned box. The fix, suggested by Piotr
// and implemented here, is to use the selectedIndex property on the <select> box itself rather than relying on jQuery's value-based val().

(function (original) {
  jQuery.fn.clone = function () {
    var result           = original.apply(this, arguments),
        my_textareas     = this.find('textarea').add(this.filter('textarea')),
        result_textareas = result.find('textarea').add(result.filter('textarea')),
        my_selects       = this.find('select').add(this.filter('select')),
        result_selects   = result.find('select').add(result.filter('select'));

    for (var i = 0, l = my_textareas.length; i < l; ++i) $(result_textareas[i]).val($(my_textareas[i]).val());
    for (var i = 0, l = my_selects.length;   i < l; ++i) result_selects[i].selectedIndex = my_selects[i].selectedIndex;

    return result;
}) (jQuery.fn.clone);
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+1 Thats an awesome plugin. Please continue maintaining this project. –  Hooman Dec 20 '12 at 12:26

Yes. This is because the 'selected' property of a 'select' DOM node differs from the 'selected' attribute of the options. jQuery does not modify the options' attributes in any way.

Try this instead:

$('option', select).get(1).setAttribute('selected', 'selected');
//    starting from 0   ^

If you're really interested in how the val function works, you may want to examine

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If I use the val() on the select object the test fails as well: test("clone should retain values of select", function() { var select = $("<select>").append($("<option>").val("1")).append($("<option>").val("2")); $(select).val("2"); equals($(select).val(), "2", "expect 2"); var cl –  chief7 Apr 13 '09 at 12:46
That's pretty weird, cause this works for me in IE 6/7, Firefox 3 and Opera 9. Maybe something wrong with your 'equals' function? alert(eval(' select = $("<select>").append($("<option>").val("1")).append($("<option>").val("2"));$(se‌​lect).val("2"); $(select).val() ')); –  Pumbaa80 Apr 13 '09 at 14:27

Cloning a <select> does not copy the value= property on <option>s. So Mark's plugin does not work in all cases.

To fix, do this before cloning the <select> values:

var $origOpts = $('option', this);
var $clonedOpts = $('option', $clone);
$origOpts.each(function(i) {

A different way to clone which <select> option is selected, in jQuery 1.6.1+...

// instead of:

// use this:
$clonedSelects.eq(i).prop('selectedIndex', $(this).prop('selectedIndex'));

The latter allows you to set the <option> values after setting the selectedIndex.

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Simplification of chief7's answer:

var cloned_form = original_form.clone()
original_form.find('select').each(function(i) {

Again, here's the jQuery ticket: http://bugs.jquery.com/ticket/1294

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