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I would like to fake request parameters for unit testing. How can I achieve this in Flask?


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Did you read Flask docs about testing?

You can use following:

self.app.post('/path-to-request', data=dict(var1='data1', var2='data2', ...))
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So, .get just expects you to add the params at the end of the query, like so -- ?param1=value&param2=value2 -- or can it receive a dict as well? –  sssilver May 18 at 21:43
@sssilver What have you tried? :) –  plaes May 19 at 7:51
I've tried both, only the first option worked. Why do you ask? –  sssilver May 19 at 17:04
I just asked because it usually takes ~2 minutes to actually try it out. But majority rather waits few days for the answer. –  plaes May 20 at 8:03


self.app.post('/endpoint', data=params)


self.app.get('/endpoint', query_string=params)
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