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I develop a specific Android Launcher / Home app for Android 2.3.It is based on the stock Android Launcher. I would like to add automatically (so programmatically) a Widget on the Workspace when I have installed a specific application on the device.

I see with my LG Optimus pad (Android 3.1), when I install an app, there is a shorcut added automatically onto the Home Workspace

I have modified the Launcher, I successfully added a Widget automatically on the Home Workspace on application installation (broadcast receiver + find vacant cell + add Widget in database through AppWidgetManager).

I can see the Widget on the screen, but unfortunately, there is a message error : Problem loading widget.

By browsing with sqlite3 in launcher.db the table favorites, I saw the inserted row for the new widget.

I don't understand why I have this error Problem loading widget.

Anyone had a similar problem? Is this feature feasible?

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