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I am trying to set properties of post. And I am posting news feed using curl.

I am setting properties like this but it is not working.

$message = 'Message 1';
$caption = 'Caption 1';
$media["properties"] = array('category' => array( 'text' => 'humor', 'href' => ''));
$media["media"] = array("type" => "image", "src"=> $imageUrl , "href"=>$link);
$attachment = array ('name' => $caption,
             'link' => $appUrl ,
             'caption' => 'Test Caption',
             'description' => $message,
             'attachment' =>  $media

Feed is getting published, but properties are not coming.

Please suggest me to how I should set the properties.

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Docs seys you can't. – lord_t Sep 16 '11 at 13:56
@haynar Please do not add comments in the question. – PeeHaa Dec 25 '11 at 13:58

Tested with Graph API Explorer:

POST /me/feed
properties  {"name" : {"text":"abc", "href":""}, "value" : {"text":"cde", "href":""}}

and etc filed.

This works fine for me.

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You will need just to json_encode() your properties array, don't need to urldecode() it.

Just this code:

$attachment = array ('properties' => json_encode($properties));

I hope i helped.

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First urldecode every link you include in the attachment and also json_encode the properties before setting it in the attachment.

$properties = array("Title" => array('text' => "Some Text", 'href' => urldecode($link)));

$attachment = array ('properties' => json_encode($properties))
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