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I am pretty naive in building Fb apps. I need to post on the user's wall for which I need to embed a custom button along the side of Like and Comment button of FB. Can anyone suggest me the way out.

I researched a bit and found out FBML shall be used but did not get the exact way to reach that.I also found fb:create-button and fb:dashboard , but also was not able to figure out the exact flow to use.

Any kind of help would be highly appreciable.

Thanks in Advance.

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What exactly do you want to do ? Add another button (link) among the default „Like” and „Comment” links on a facebook wall post ? – misterjinx Sep 15 '11 at 9:53

nah i would design you button mate, and do a onclick to a JS SDK FB.ui function like below You would have to instantiate an FB object which you can find all about here


 function publish_stream() {
     method: 'feed',
     name: 'your publish stream name',
     link: '',
     picture: 'http://yourimage dir/f1.jpg',
     caption: 'Reference Documentation',
     description: 'blah blah blah'
  function(response) {
    if (response && response.post_id) {
      alert('Post was published.');
    } else {
      alert('Post was not published.');


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I found another solution for the people using PHP SDK:

$ret_obj = $facebook->api('/680066819/feed', 'POST',array(
                                          'link' => '',
                                          'message' => 'posted',
                                          'description' => "I am bond",
                                          'actions' => array(
                                                          'name' => 'button name',
                                                          'link' => 'your link'

Hope this helps!!

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