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I have an application that creates database tables on the fly. I'd like to create an interface to CRUD this data. But because the tables are created as the application runs, I can’t create the Linq to SQL classes by dragging them onto the designer. However, I do know in my code what the tables I want to edit are.

Can anyone tell me if it is possible to supply a feed to Dynamic Data via:

  1. SQL query
  2. Or a DataSet,

Rather than the Linq to SQL paradigm?

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As far as I know this is not a possibility. From MSDN :

It does this by automatically discovering the LINQ-to-SQL or Entities Framework data model at run time

There is an MVC version coming but that will have similar limitations.

There may be some way you can create a workaround for your situation since you do have tables at some point but I'm unsure without more information.

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Well, DD works with Linq to SQL and Entity Framework. For your problem, it seems neither would be very helpful.

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