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I have the URL / Request Header / POST contents . Is it possible for me to sent the query to the server and get the output HTML and Javascript ? This is a AJAX stuff , but still I think we can emulate using HTTP .

Is there a convenient method for this using Python ? Or is there a GUI tool , that would just lee enter the all the REQUEST HEADER options and also the POST contents and get the desired output ?

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On perl you have LWP::UserAgent module. Python have sth similar urllib2 (it should be in core libraries). You may also need "Beautiful Soup" for html/xml parsing.

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Will look at urllib . I am not looking for parsing , basically I am trying to reproduce the server side issues for which I dont need HTML to be rendered - HTML output would be error page most of the cases which I am checking . –  Nishant Sep 15 '11 at 10:15

You can use "wget" which should be available for most distros.

Read up on --post-file and --header.


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In Python you also have Google's httplib2 which has a higher level interface than urllib2. For further detail see Python urllib vs httplib?

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