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I am using the Work orders and cases from SFDC. In my js, i have established a relation that work order "belongs to" cases. Then in my PHP file i am making the query using equi join case id as the foreign key in work orders to retrive the case number. But on sfdc side , in work orders the look up has been mentioned on the case id and not on the case number. the query fails and i am not able to fetch the required data.

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can you please include the SOQL query that is not working for you? Also, can you clarify the relationship. Are you saying that Work looks up to Case (C --< W), or the other way around? –  ryanbrainard Sep 16 '11 at 6:53
'SELECT Id, FS_Account_Name__c, FS_Asset_Number__c, FS_Case_Number__c,Name, FS_Comment__c,FS_Defect_Type__c,FS_Description__c, WO_Status__c,CaseNumber from FS_Work_Order__c,Case where FS_Work_Order__c.FS_Case_Number__c = Case.Id LIMIT 100' . This is my query. And the Work Looks ups to case i.e One case can have multiple work orders. –  Amol Sep 16 '11 at 12:52
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SOQL does not support joins with multiple objects in the FROM clause. Instead, you'll want to traverse the object relationships from either the parent or the child. Take a look at the API Doc about Relationship Queries. I'm making a guess of your relationship names (they can be found in the describeSObject() results), but the queries should look something like this:

Parent Relationship Query

SELECT FS_Case_Number__r.Id, 
FROM FS_Work_Order__c 

Child Relationship Query

       (SELECT WO_Status__c FROM FS_Work_Order__r), 
FROM Case 
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Thx. It worked. But i have Another problem. The Data is coming Fine. Here's my query "SELECT Contact.Name ,Contact.Id, Contact.Email, Contact.Title,Contact.FirstName, Contact.LastName , Contact.Description, Contact.Department, Contact.Phone, Contact.Fax, Contact.Account.AccountNumber from Contact". But now i have a problem of displaying it in my sencha app. –  Amol Sep 19 '11 at 11:30
I'm not familiar with Sencha, but I'd recommend posting it as another question. Also, can you please accept my answer here if it worked for you? Thanks :) –  ryanbrainard Sep 20 '11 at 7:07
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