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I need a regular expression that gets a word only if every letter is capitalized (this also includes underscores).

Heres the code im using now. /\b[A-Z_]+/g

"This IS a NEW_SENTENCE to HELP_EXplain my PROblem."

In the above sentence all the letters that are capitalized will be selected. Even if they are apart of a word that has lowercase letters. How can i fix my code so only words with all capital letters and / or underscores are selected? (In this case from the sentence above, 'IS' and 'NEW_SENTENCE' should be the only words selected.)

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With a word boundary (\b):


This will match words with only capital letters and _.

It matches IS, NEW_SENTENCE, and NOT HELP_EXplain, PROblem.

The \b matches positions that are preceeded by a non-word character and followed by a word character (and the inverse).

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Add word boundaries from both sides, start and end.

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