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Below is the information required for this problem.

default.aspx /test/default.aspx

When default.aspx loads the user clicks a button which should then redirect to /test/default.aspx. I have the modal popup working just not with the redirect and ideas?

I have tried doing window.location = "/test/default.aspx"; and using a custom settimeout method to call the function but it doesn't work. as soon as the new page loads it disappears or flashes when the new page loads if I make the delay longer.

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I'm not fully understanding. Is the problem that the page is not redirecting to /test/default.aspx, or is it that when the redirect happens, the modal popup goes away? – tghw Apr 13 '09 at 5:39
The modal window shows the overlay (disabled background) and the close button (rendered in js) however doesn't load the html for the popup, I check if the document is ready using jquery. The /test/default.aspx page loads successfully. – Daniel Apr 14 '09 at 0:50
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