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I use codeigniter but my JS code isn't working! Can anyone guide me?


<select name="tour_name" style="display: none; ">
    <option disabled="disabled" value="">select</option>
<div id="#tour_name">


$(document).ready(function () {
    $('select[name="tour_name"]').change(function () {
        var $val = $(this).val();
        $('#tour_name').hide().fadeIn('slow').append('<b>' + $val + '</b>')
        $('#tour_name b').click(function () {
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Your HTML is incorrect. Replace

<div id="#tour_name">


<div id="tour_name">
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oh, that's right. it was my wrong. –  Jennifer Anthony Sep 15 '11 at 10:47


<div id="#tour_name"> 


<div id="tour_name">

when creatig an id to element . consider these things

Specifies a unique id for an element.

Naming rules:

Must begin with a letter A-Z or a-z
Can be followed by: letters (A-Za-z), digits (0-9), hyphens ("-"),

and underscores ("_") In HTML, all values are case-insensitive

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