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All my TreeView nodes have a unique ID for their Node Depth.

I want to set Checked=True on the TreeView Node which matches a certain value.

Currently I'm doing the following:

Dim value As Integer = 57

For Each n As TreeNode In tvForces.Nodes
   If n.Value = value Then n.Checked = True

Is there a better way of finding the Node which I want to set as Checked=True rather than looping through each node?

I'm looking for something like:

Dim value As Integer = 57

n.FindNodesByValue(value)(0).Checked = True

Is there anything like this that I can use?

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Pseudocode (c#) to demonstrate an idea using LINQ Where() + List.ForEach():

nodes.Where(node => node.Value == "5")
     .ForEach((node => node.Checked = true));

See MSDN following the links above for VB.NET syntax of both methods.

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                foreach (TreeNode node in TreeView1.Nodes)
                    if (node.Value == "8")
                        node.Checked = true;
                    foreach (TreeNode item1 in node.ChildNodes)
                        if (item1.Value == "8")
                            item1.Checked = true;
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kindly do explain your code a bit so as to help the OP –  Alok Chaudhary Mar 11 '14 at 6:44
for (int j = 0; j < TreeView1.CheckedNodes.Count; j++)
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Please add some explanation. –  Paul R Nov 21 '12 at 22:14

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