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Does anybody know how to retrieve the values of <ZIPCODE> and <CITY> using PL/SQL? I have followed a tutorial over the net, however, it can retrieve the element names, but not their values. Any of you know what seems to be the problem? I have already consulted Google (the internet's well kept secret) over this but no luck :(

  <mappings Record="4">
    <CITY>Palo Alto</CITY>

here's the sample code:

-- prints elements in a document
PROCEDURE printElements(doc DBMS_XMLDOM.DOMDocument) IS
    nl  DBMS_XMLDOM.DOMNodeList;
    n   DBMS_XMLDOM.DOMNode;
    len number;
    -- get all elements
    nl   := DBMS_XMLDOM.getElementsByTagName(doc, '*');

    len  := DBMS_XMLDOM.getLength(nl);

    -- loop through elements
    FOR i IN 0 .. len - 1 LOOP
        n := DBMS_XMLDOM.item(nl, i);

        testr := DBMS_XMLDOM.getNodeName(n) || ' ' || DBMS_XMLDOM.getNodeValue(n);

        DBMS_OUTPUT.PUT_LINE (testr);

END printElements;
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Personally I prefer to use XMLType and use the Extract function to get them via XPath. e.g. myxml.Extract('/Zipcodes/mappings/ZIPCODE/text()'); - must simpler than walking the DOM. –  Jeffrey Kemp Feb 8 '12 at 6:22

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You need to change the line

testr := DBMS_XMLDOM.getNodeName(n) || ' ' || DBMS_XMLDOM.getNodeValue(n);


testr := DBMS_XMLDOM.getNodeName(n) || ' ' || DBMS_XMLDOM.getNodeValue(DBMS_XMLDOM.getFirstChild(n));

In XML DOM, elements don't have any 'value' to speak of. Element nodes contain Text nodes as children, and it is these nodes that contain the values you want.

EDIT (in response to Tomalak's comment): I'm not aware of any functions in DBMS_XMLDOM to obtain the combined value of all the child text nodes of an element. If that's what you need, then you may well need to use something like the following function:

CREATE OR REPLACE FUNCTION f_get_text_content (
    p_node          DBMS_XMLDOM.DOMNode
  l_children        DBMS_XMLDOM.DOMNodeList;
  l_child           DBMS_XMLDOM.DOMNode;
  l_text_content    VARCHAR2(32767);
  l_length          INTEGER;
  l_children := DBMS_XMLDOM.GetChildNodes(p_node);
  l_length := DBMS_XMLDOM.GetLength(l_children);
  FOR i IN 0 .. l_length - 1 LOOP
    l_child := DBMS_XMLDOM.Item(l_children, i);
      l_text_content := l_text_content || DBMS_XMLDOM.GetNodeValue(l_child);
    END IF;
  RETURN l_text_content;
END f_get_text_content;
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What if a node contains multiple descendants - how do you obtain their combined text? –  Tomalak Apr 13 '09 at 9:30
Thanks for taking the time, I gave my +1 earlier already. However - shouldn't this be recursive in some way? Maybe XPath is a more appropriate choice? (I admittedly don't know much about Oracle, so I have no idea what's required to do XPath queries.) –  Tomalak Apr 13 '09 at 11:55
The above function can easily be made recursive by adding an ELSIF clause to the IF block. Whether this is worth doing depends on what the OP needs. XPath is possible, however colleagues of mine have had reliability issues with Oracle XML DB (especially with XSLT) so I'd rather not go that way. –  Luke Woodward Apr 13 '09 at 15:22
What about DBMS_XMLDOM.CDATA_SECTION_NODE? –  xmedeko Feb 7 '12 at 14:41
@xmedeko: see my updated answer. –  Luke Woodward Feb 7 '12 at 21:12

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