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I am working in an android tab which has tabs activities, I have made tab groups for every tabs, in one activity i have media player for playing audio song. everything is fine except i cann't control the volume of media player and I am not seeing volume control dialog of android device. here is my code,

mp=new MediaPlayer();
             mp.setWakeMode(getParent(), PowerManager.PARTIAL_WAKE_LOCK); //for powermanagement
    try {

            } catch (IllegalArgumentException e1) {
                // TODO Auto-generated catch block

please help me. thanks in advance

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The following code should be used to managing media sound...

  AudioManager mAudioManager = (AudioManager) this.getSystemService(Context.AUDIO_SERVICE);

  //It gives max volume of ur device   

  int max_volume = mAudioManager.getStreamMaxVolume(AudioManager.STREAM_MUSIC);

  //It gives current volume of device

   int current_volume=mAudioManager.getStreamVolume(AudioManager.STREAM_MUSIC));
   //Here you can set volume 
   int progress=your set value;
   mAudioManager.setStreamVolume(AudioManager.STREAM_MUSIC,progress, 0);
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