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I am interested in getting ungapped sequences from BLAST output in FASTA format. I thought I could use hsps_no_gap but it's not working. Is there any method I can use to get this done?

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What is the format of the BLAST output? XML? You could take the hsps from the blast output and do the following:

for alignment in blast_record.alignments:
    for hsp in alignment.hsps:
        query_no_gaps = hsp.query.replace("-","")
        sbjct_no_gaps = hsp.sbjct.replace("-","")

Then use these new variables to write to fasta.

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If you want to pick up sequences with no GAPS try using

for records in blast:
   if records.alignments:
   for align in records.alignments:
      if align.hsps.gap == 0
      print ("These ID have ungapped alignment : %s" % records.query)
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I'll assume your sequences are stored in SeqIO.Seq objects.

You probably want to use the ungap method within SeqIO.Seq. The documentation is quite good. ungap() is a better choice than a string replace operation (it can infer the gap character from the sequence alphabet, for example).

Example code:

from Bio import SeqIO

seq_records = SeqIO.parse("input.fasta", format='fasta')
for record in seq_records:
    seq_ungapped = record.seq.ungap('-')
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