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I have a registered domain in register4less.com and a linux deluxe web hosting in godaddy. I want to know how I can add godaddy or do linking its hosting with my register4less.com so I can use its email service. I dont want nameserver changes. I think its something need to do with CNAME record but I am totally a newbie and not interested on transferring domain name to godaddy .

I added my domain in godaddy by FTP domain add as a Folder with domain link. Cause my main domain is different which is registered with godaddy hosting So there was no other choice left beside adding is as folder. So I want to point godaddy hosting information at my register4less.com so I can use my domain from there. If any one know what I need to be change in register4less.com than it will be great help for me. Kindly please tell me with step by step. Thank you everyone.

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You can use Register4Less.com's custom DNS Zone editor to point the hosting services. Get the CNAME records that you need, the go to DNS > Edit Custom DNS Zone to create your domain's zone file. They are also by the way introducing new Linux based hosting services that bundle web hosting and email services. Packages start with 1GB of space for hosting and 5 2GB mailboxes.

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