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I have a daemon which runs via the usual init.d/service scripts.

I have monit running which ensures these daemons are restarted if they crash.

I have a request that 'service foo stop' should stop the deamon, and because it was explicitly stopped, not a crash, monit should not restart it. How can I achieve this with monit?

I could have the service script's stop() routine call 'monit unmonitor' but this seems circular and wrong.

Thanks, Dave

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I think you should use monit stop foo instead of service foo stop. That way Monit is aware that the service didn't crashed -- and won't restart it.

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This should be accepted as the answer. –  brupm Feb 18 at 21:04

The model is: Monit runs as a service by init.d and therefore controlled (stop/start/restart) by init.d . (Others, please me if I am wrong). Applications that require to be monitored are handled by monit.

Therefore, such applications should be only controlled i.e. stop/start/restart via monit. monit

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