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I am an automation guy using vbscript and QTP. I am looking for a better scripting language for automating windows applications.( Include latest versions of word, excel and powerpoint) I am not liking vbscript becuase i have to type a lot to get something done.Also QTP license fee stands in the way against using it always. I am seeing perl is great in that it does not use elaborate syntax.How good is it to automate applications? Any expert advice is cherished.

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ActivePerl is more integrated into Windows than Strawberry Perl which has more of a focus on being consistent with *NIX versions of Perl.

  • ActivePerl provides some of its own libraries for things that they have wanted to do in Windows, has a decent installer GUI called 'PPM' (Perl Package Manager), and installs all the module documentation as browse-able web pages with frames.

  • Strawberry Perl, I believe provides workable fork and exec with Windows and tries to make Windows kernel seem a little more like running on *NIX.

On both:

Win32::OLE can handle the stuff you do with VBA. I've used it quite successfully. You can write wrapper objects around OLE objects to create objects more suitable for your application domain, if you please.

  • Note It appears from a lot of experimentation writing adapter classes for OLE and ActiveX objects that object identity is broken--or at least has to be re-engineered. Do not rely on being able to tell that one wrapper object points to the same exact wrapper object as another through simple Perl means. Which means, do not trust the built-in traversal logic of, say Data::Dumper. If you do not set $Data::Dumper::Maxdepth, you will almost always run out of memory trying to dump an OLE object. As many VBA objects hold a pointer back to the Application object, it is almost certain that dumping an OLE object will cycle.

Also, there are numerous Win32::* libraries on CPAN.

Overall, I have found Perl to be a powerful--though sometimes flawed--automater of Windows--but it's usually my first choice, anyway.

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Interesting note: the Win2K Resource Kit from forever ago used Perl for much of the server admin tasks (this was before Microsoft got smart and created PowerShell). – atrain Sep 15 '11 at 13:23
Strawberry and ActivePerl do not behave differently in doing fork and exec. Module documentation is available on, so local installation of documentation is disabled on Strawberry. – Alexandr Ciornii Sep 15 '11 at 13:43
Thanks Axeman. I am guessing the WMI classes and objects can be controlled through perl? – Sivakumar Sep 16 '11 at 5:14
@Sivakumar, Take a look at – Axeman Sep 16 '11 at 11:17

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