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I am using a webgrid to display some dynamic data. I have recently refactored my code, to move away from a hierarchal Model, containing various different types of data to be displayed in a View to using ViewBag.

Previously the grid would sort the columns fine, just be clicking on the header, however since I changed to ViewBag, my table does not sort. My new code is as follows:

@if (ViewBag.data != null)
var grid = new WebGrid(
    source: ViewBag.data,
    defaultSort: "StudyName",
    rowsPerPage: 10,
    canSort: true,
    canPage: true,
    ajaxUpdateContainerId: "tableDiv"

tableStyle: "resultTable",
columns: grid.Columns(

Anybody any ideas?


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Make sure you have set the CanSort property to true on your ViewBag.columns:

ViewBag.columns = new[] 
    new WebGridColumn
        ColumnName = "Id"
    new WebGridColumn
        CanSort = true,
        ColumnName = "StudyName"                

Only columns that have this property set will appear as hyperlinks in the grid header allowing the user to sort on them.

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Ha....I just came on here to say that I had figured it out using this method. Thanks :) –  Darren Young Sep 15 '11 at 13:29

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