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i want to check for each item in list box if item exist then add it to listbox3

for each item in listbox2.items
if listbox1.items.contains (item) then
listbox3.item.add (item)
end if

but it is very slow if there is way to search for list of items in listbox at once?

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Unless each Listbox's collection of items is of a large magnitude, I don't see anything wrong with that approach (besides the minor coding errors).

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it looks fast when you have few items in listbox2 but if you have more then 90 thousand items in both listboxes then it is very slow . – user934820 Sep 15 '11 at 13:34
"if you have more then 90 thousand items in both" - yes, this will be slow. Perhaps placing IDs of each item into a Dictionary object and manipulating that to find matches would be faster, but I'm not familiar enough with what Contains() is doing "under-the-hood" to know if that's more efficient. – Widor Sep 15 '11 at 13:36

You could use the Intersect method to get all the items they both contain.

It would look something like. Code below is untested.

 For Each item in listbox2.items.Intersect(listbox1.items)
        listbox3.item.add (item)

EDIT: So after looking at it, it seems items is an objectcollection which doesn't contain intersect. To get around that you can try.

For Each item in listbox2.items.Cast(Of Enumerable).Intersect(listbox1.items.Cast(Of Enumerable))
            listbox3.item.add (item)

Not sure how fast that will be though

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I created a list of 90,000 strings and this worked instantly:

ListBox3.DataSource = ListBox1.Items.Cast(Of IEnumerable).Intersect(ListBox2.Items.Cast(Of IEnumerable)).ToList
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