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I'm working on a mountable engine for use with Rails 3.1, and I want to list the engine's routes.

I created the engine using:

$ rails plugin new rails_blog_engine --mountable

And edited the 'test/dummy/config/routes' file to read:

Rails.application.routes.draw do
  mount RailsBlogEngine::Engine => "/blog"

...and 'config/routes' to read:

RailsBlogEngine::Engine.routes.draw do
  resources :posts

I want to list the routes generated for ':posts', but it's not clear how I can do this. When I run 'rake app:routes', I get only the "/blog" route:

$ rake app:routes
rails_blog_engine    /blog    {:to=>RailsBlogEngine::Engine}

When I run 'rake routes', I get an error:

$ rake routes
rake aborted!
Don't know how to build task 'routes'

How can I see the routes for ':posts'? Can I do this without rewriting the relevant rake tasks?

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Now, in Rails 3.2.2, rake app:routes works fine. A simple rake routes does throw the same error, but that is expected. –  Zabba Mar 18 '12 at 20:16

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If you copy code from the standard Rails 3.1.0 rake routes task into your Rakefile, and change the top part to read:

task :routes => 'app:environment' do
  all_routes = RailsBlogEngine::Engine.routes.routes

...replacing RailsBlogEngine with the name of your engine, then you can get a rudimentary list of routes by running:

rake routes

Note that in Rails 3.1.1 and later, you'll need a newer version of the rake routes task.

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Thanks! Worked for me. Seems odd tho that this wouldn't be included out of the box. –  Cory Schires Sep 18 '11 at 17:40

In case people are missing it in the comments, as of Rails 3.2.2, you can now use

$ rake app:routes
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For rails 3.x engine, rake routes does not work under engine's root (that's why it needs some hack by copying rake file). However rake routes works under test/dummy (or spec/dummy if using rspec). It will list all the pathes which belong to the engine in development and other engines mounted.

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