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I am using the InputBox component in Embarcadero or Borland C++ with a default string. The Cancel key returns the same default string as the Enter button.

According to the documentation, the Cancel key is supposed to return an empty string.

String s = InputBox("Title", "Prompt", "Default");
if (s == "") return;  // Cancel key pressed
... use string s

I have seen a solution using StrPtr in VB. Is there an equivalent in C++? VB6 InputBox Cancel

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If the user chooses the Cancel button, InputBox returns the default value.

XE2 API DocWiki

So, basically you can just make default string empty and it will be returned with the Cancel.

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I have found a solution that uses InputQuery instead of InputBox. The InputQuery functions returns FALSE if the Cancel button is selected. The DefaultString is returned on Enter.

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