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I have a legacy code that is set up as a CodeVision AVR project. I would like to migrate to AVR Studio or even better NetBeans (using the AVR tool chain or WinAVR).

Any idea?

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You should change many thing like:

delay_xx(x); to _delay_xx(x);
there is no PINX.x, you should define them
and many so ...

It's better for you to learn AVR Studio well and then migrate to it.
CodeVision is a bit simple than AVR Studio, but AVR Studio has many nice tools for debugging and a very nice editor. Also there are many projects for beginers all around the web.
It's not too harda to migrate from CodeVisionAVR to AVR Studio 5! I did it months ago!!!

As soon as possible migrate from CodeVisionAVR to AVR Studio 5.

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